My Knots
With Celebrities

Empowering the things to grow when you integrate with enthusiastic personalities. Mention of the connections of some sort is with celebrities and business leaders. Social connections regard integrating multiple affections and admiration.

My longtime friendships are bonded by the affinities of the trusteeship and their firm belief in just advancing the worth of developments. Over time, I felt a close connection with them. Such interactions had increased trust. Powerfully benefiting & coherent with the worldwide influencers to extract the best from the rest standards.

Suniel Shetty

Bollywood icon "Suniel Shetty" has a close connection with me. As he was the first ever Bollywood superstar to unveil the ICC world cup trophies at "Melbourne Cricket Ground"(MCG). From representing to facilitating I stayed accompanied him on every promotion, conference, and company visit in Australia. He is a super inspirational and Enthusiastic personality. Forever be a privilege to earn a supporting arm from him, which comprises representing him in various corporations events in Australia, and also our created bonds of friendship will forever stay stronger.

Lakshaya Raj Singh Mewar

Our brotherhood goes all the way back to early from my college days. We both had initiated their sensational career together but the two always stayed grounded in the root of their friendship. We have a strong fondness and adoration for each other. Representing him on his first official visit to Australia, to the Victoria Parliament in Melbourne, in order to discuss mutual initiatives. We both completed our degrees in Hotel Management from the prestigious Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School and presently we have an immensely valuable friendship and it's absolutely precious.

Dr. Jai Madaan

With Dr.Jai madaan( The lady of fortune) I have a firm connection as I have come a long way with her since 2018. We are always together on every event work in Australia, and it's incredible to see her still being supportive of us. I accompanied her on several super successful events and company visits. She has a wonderful aura that is lubricating the essence of enlightenment which delivered the surges of wisdom and fundamentalism.

Gagan Kokri

My friendship with Gagan kokri is as legendary as his versatile voice and magnificent career(Punjabi Singer and Businessman). I hope our bond continues firm friendship over the years. Elated that both of us are signified and keep up the honor of our Heritage to inspire globally.

Sanjay Dalmia

Sanjay Dalmia has constantly shared an amazing bond like a family with us. It's been blessed to stay connected with him as pitching for parallel inspiring Indian businesses to promote globally. Our bonds are closely aligned with family relations and cooperation. His intellectual approaches are admired all over the globe and endorse to upgrade and guide the formulation of market needs.

DJ Rink

We have a really good friendship in the sense that we have diverse career pathways, Our bond all began in the year 2011 for the first trip to Australia. After that, she became more like a family to us. She had attended all are family weddings which reflects her generosity and humbleness. Time has flown by since we first met and yet this meeting continues.


We have had a burgeoning bond since when I hosted an event "Bollywood vibration 2014", in Melbourne. Gladdened to share our relations are bustling stronger and better with Govinda, Even though he chose me to take care of all his Melbourne affairs. Am enjoying his company and hoping to strengthen our bond with a long way to go.

Sh. Ajay Bhai Ji

Once in childhood Ajay Ji blessed me with his words, 'This kid is smart and furious, He should have some patience, and will surely get every desire in life.' Today I could proudly say, my faith in Ajay Bhai Ji took me to where I am. Now enjoying every worship and work with him is his pure blessing.


It was the time in 2018 when an event was organized back-to-back in Melbourne, and she came on the trust of kiren Australia we did an influential press conference along with the opening of the festive season. Eventually, she became our family member, and this relationship lasted forever because of her elegant and gracious nature.