About Nitin Gursahani

About Me

Born on 10 October 1983, I was raised in a Sindhi family. From an Indian Australian ordinary lad to establishing the pioneer company in Australia (A company that only intends to connect a strong network between the two nations through its business) entitled "Kiren Australia Pty Ltd '' in 2007. I started my journey as an Indian entrepreneur after working and experiencing the skills to initiate a business.

Proudly representing an Indian community to create a difference in Australian business plus title nowadays recognized in the elite world and across the globe. With an innovative approach, I overcome the obstacles and turn my passion into a thriving career.

My Journey

  • 01

    Nitin Gursahani Studied from Tagore International School
    Completed academic qualification from Tagore International School, CBSE affiliated in New Delhi in 2001

  • 02

    Nitin Gursahani did Hotel Management from Blue Mountains International Hotel
    Thereafter, (2002-04), I acquired the advanced grade in management in all Hospitality Sectors at Blue Mountain International Hotel Management school, Australia.

  • 03

    Nitin Gursahani Completed bachelors from Le Cordon Bleu Australia- Adelaide
    Bachelor's double degree in hotel & business management from Le Cordon Bleu Australia- Adelaide and merited Gold Medal Grade in (2004-06).

  • 04

    Worked as duty manager at Sofitel Hotel
    Trained and employed on the Duty Manager post in Sofitel Hotel associated with one of the iconic Accor Group.

  • 05

    Nitin Gursahani started his company Kiren Australia in 2007
    With my best efforts, In 2007, I had set in stone "Kiren Australia Pty Ltd" with the envision of a strong network connection.

  • 06

    Nitin Gursahani did major Bollywood shows and events
    In 2014 outset of event business by promoting & hosting major Bollywood shows and events in various sectors progressively.

  • 07

    Nitin Gursahani received Australia's Australian Indian society of Victoria (AISV)
    I received a prestigious appreciation certification from the oldest organization, Australia's Australian Indian society of Victoria (AISV). They praised my initiative to shape a strong tie between India & Australia

  • 08

    Nitin Gursahani is verified on Facebook and Instagram
    In October 2022, My Facebook page got verified. It was a big moment for me. It is a moment when we can look back and remember what we have accomplished through hard work.

As an Indian-Australian Business entrepreneur, I had turned the opportunity and learned the nuances of the business which upscaled with valuable ways to learn and implement it to become a reputed company.

I had proudly achieved our 39 events with rapid progress consecutively from 2014 to 2023, in diverse sectors like Sports, Government events, Production line, Business networking, Signature events, Company visits with great Indian personalities, & many more.

It's commenced with all managing and hosting the speculative & multiple events with furthermore sponsoring events in magnificent sizzling Events & highly supports the Indian Film Festival Melbourne for many years, and also establish a mutual bond with Jai Madaan (Lady of Fortune), Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar (Prince of Udaipur), Dj Rink, Suniel Shetty, Gagan Kokri, Sanjay Dalmia and many more. With many Bollywood heartrending superstars, event business where we have been promoting and hosting major events. Living & working in Australia has developed my cultural recognition, changed my attitude to dealing with obstructions, supported the company with amazing skills & talent, significant mechanisms for supporting development, and propelled the international growth of vital companies.

Proudly Collaborated with Melbourne Cricket Ground to conduct an event accompanied with many superiors personalities. Promoted collaborations for innovation which strengthened the core of cooperation with my business partner.
If you're confronted with a tangle to raise your business and brand then there is light at the end of the channel. Here, I am with my bonafide journey and endless successful events and promotions which are portraying the appreciation of acknowledging the key of encouragement. My business development strategy has an exceptional technique to scale your businesses.

Multiple instances narrate the strategies that how I had built a mutual bond with elite faces of the globe to enhance their corporation promotion and best impressions among the companies. For me IMPOSSIBLE means "I Make Possible" and that's how I believe in my potent business visions that turned my company into a unique model in present reflection. I precisely believed in the versatility of modern market needs and creating multiple successful services and assisting my association to reach the zenith of civilization.