Nitin Gursahani has been a phenomenal business intellectual whose passion is to build a network of entrepreneurs' personalities supporting each other. And it is their nature to make their partner a truly loyal friend.

On the journey to destiny, you meet so many people, some walk with you, and some just leave, so here are some constant people working with Nitin Gursahani. We are partnered with the Aussizz Group since 2015, It is a group of registered migration agents, who does educational and entertainment migrations and recently I have done more than fifty visas only in 2022. Our next affiliate partner is Cricket victoria and Manhari Metals: The king of recycling metals, which partnered with NG in 2020. Nitin Gursahani sponsored them into boxing test matches, BBL(Big Bash League) cricket, and (WBBL) the Women Big Bash League in 2022, and recently with the victorian women's cricket team.

Nitin Gursahani maintains his business relations more like friends with Dj Rink the Indian disc jockey, and Dr. Jai Madaan the Lady of fortune, astrologer & Vastu shastra (the science of architecture) expert. Nitin Gursahani made Dr. Jai Madaan a brand ambassador of Nanche Homes, the group of experts to build and design your home in Australia. Gursahani's journey of strong beliefs and hard work is remarkable and continuing today, and this journey will remain continuous...