Dr. Jai Madaan - Brand
Ambassador of Nanche Group

Nitin Gursahani has been associated with Nanche Group for more than three years. He has a firm relation with Sachin Nanche (Director of Nanche Group). Nanche Group is one of the biggest real estate companies in Melbourne (Australia).

A home is a keystone of wealth for both financial affluence and emotional security. Every person at one stage in their life dreams to build their own house. For good fortune and a prosperous future, everyone likes to have a home with Vastu compliant design.

In the present times, Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui) is popular across the world. The reason behind this is the universal need for peace and harmony, which the application of Vaastu Shastra (Feng Shui) in home construction and design is supposed to bring along with promises of good health, wealth, and happiness in life.

Nitin Gursahani's visionary mind caught this idea and the needs of the people. Hence he played a vital role in onboarding Dr. Jai Madaan - as the Brand Ambassador of Nanche Group.

Dr. Jai Madaan needs no introduction. She is a globally renowned lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, astrologer & Vaastu expert. Nitin Gursahani and Dr. Jai Madaan have firm relations. They have come a long way since 2018. They both accompanied on several super successful events and company visits.

Nitin proposed the idea of collaboration between Dr. Madaan and Nanche Group. Dr. Madaan as a brand ambassador will help Nanche Group to convey its message to the people. This collaboration will surely help to expand the reach and business worldwide.

Recently, On 20th August 2023, Nitin Gursahani organized an event with Dr. Jai Madaan presented by Nanche Group. Here Dr. Jai Madaan has been officially announced as the brand ambassador of the Nanche Group.